is one of the toughest Battle Royale io games pitting you against new players in a hard battle. The game drops you in a lobby packed with enemies. When all of you are ready, you must reach the main map to do a lot of things there, such as unlocking chests, looting items from other players, creating a base for yourself, farming many materials, slaying all enemies, and more importantly, dodging the storm. gameplay is just the same as other Battle Royale io games you may have played before, but it can guarantee to bring you more fun. You just need to use your smart strategies and try to be clever a bit to get an upper hand on your rivals. Everybody aims to become the ultimate Kize in this battle, so you must do your best to defeat them all and get honored as the victor. Do you have what it takes to fight with your opponents in game yet? Play it now!

How to play

Use E/F to build interaction with items, chests, and cars. Click the left mouse to shoot, use Q to change the build mode to build walls (click the left mouse to build the wall), use the spacebar to jump over things on the map, press Shift to sprint, press R to reload your weapon, press keys 1-6 or the mouse wheel scroll to change your weapon. Use M for the map and plan for the zone closing in. You can click the gun then transfer it wherever you want.

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