You become a manic killer in an action io game called! Play it for free in a browser then see how many people you can defeat. unblocked lets you set out a tough adventure in which you must kill people without them knowing. Those people are having a good time at a Halloween party. They have no idea about your appearance and your plan. So, you need to do everything carefully to achieve your goal. Make your way through the party and take any chances you have to kill those people without getting caught by someone. In case you get caught, the game will be over, so it is very dangerous to do the mission without having a detailed plan or a strategy. Pay attention to your surroundings as you move and have your skill ready all the time. Do you think you can progress your killstreak to the max? Have fun with game!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character using arrow keys or tap controls to move. Use Z to kill and X to interact.

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