Prepare your strategies and defensive skills for the tough challenges in unblocked! You will play against many enemies around the world so you must prove that you are the best player here. online is all about area control. You must make use of your tactics to create a big empire inside a hex-shaped arena for yourself and do whatever it takes to protect it from the enemy attacks. You will begin to capture lands as well as destroy the enemies before they kill you. Make your way through the arena capturing more tiles, build an army for yourself then send them out into the battle to defeat other enemy armies, which then allows you to take over their lands. When you spread out on the map as well as claim villages, a timed income will be awarded to you. Use that income to train your army, create more structures, houses, or even improve structures. Will you become the best lord in game? Much fun!


How to play

Navigate the camera using the mouse or WASD. Press Q/E or the mouse wheel scroll to zoom. Use the left mouse to interact.

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