Gun Battle

Gun Battle is a mobile 2D Shooter Strategy game that is finally brought to the web. Give this Arcade-style Battle Royale game a shot to present your shooting capability. Before you enter the arena, you can select your favorite game mode. Feel free to undertake a tough mission in Battle Royale mode where you have to play solo to defeat all other opponents using your guns for a chance of becoming the last shooter standing. Or, you can engage in 3v3 team mode where you will play with a team. Work with your allies throughout the course of the fight to finish off all the rival teams! For a lot of kills you have gained, you will earn a certain amount of coins, then you use them to unlock brand new skins in the shop. In addition, you can totally level up after each win too! Each new level unlocks new maps as well as new weapons for you. Keep playing, grinding so as to become the top player on the server!

How to play

Control your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use the mouse for shooting.

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