features a fantastic and exclusive kind of gameplay. Engage in this multiplayer browser game for vanquishing many challenges. You become a garden gnome whose mission is to use the deadly bombs to blow up other enemy gnomes and kick them out of the arena as fast as possible. This mechanics is kind of similar to the classic Bomberman games. You also have to wander around a maze-like arena to plant bombs carefully in order to kill any nearby rivals. You should use your strategies to trap them into a corner, then let the bombs explode, causing them to be destroyed instantly. Remember to upgrade your gnome by collecting many red gems dispersed on the floor, also, you should use some new accessories to your advantage. The way to the ultimate victory in this IO game is closer than you thought if you play strategically! Have fun with it and wish you luck!

How to play

Move your gnome around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Place a bomb using the spacebar.

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