FOWz is another survival game that can be accessed for free in a browser. You should get your surviving ability ready for a lot of challenges in this IO game and see if you make it till the end. You will encounter many opponents, and you must fight them off by throwing your weapons at them. At the same time, make sure you will grab as much food as possible to prolong your life. Never underestimate your enemies because they always have a chance to slay you, therefore, you must be on your toes and at full attention if you want to knock them out of the arena. In addition, you should create more covers, stronger barriers or even make the most out of walls to hide and don’t forget to sneak up on your foes, break them all with your axe and send them flying. There are plenty of ways to kill enemies in FOWz, just ensure that you will triumph all over them then end up as the last man standing.

How to play

Use the mouse to perform the movements, click the right mouse to attack and use the left mouse to guard.

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