is an online sports game. Play against another team on a small 2D playfield and defeat your opponent to dominate the leaderboard as well as to become the champion! Additionally, you will have the chance to get stronger when you win. Choose the name you want and you will be able to belong to a random party. You can find your teammates based on their outfit color.

In game, you can use old tips from the original to apply to situations in your match. You’d better rush forwards the ball before the other group does. Furthermore, it is necessary to make a dash to their end zone and perform a touchdown accurately. Meanwhile, will allow you to show several different skills to defend or attack, for example, sprint and tackle. Try to block antagonists and cover your buddies when they are in danger! Otherwise, you cannot conquer the trophy. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to steer, LMB to sprint.

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