In a far-off galaxy in game, people are trying to take over the entire galaxy. In this exciting space-themed strategy game, you will be dropped into the middle of the battle where you have to conquer a lot of enemies using your abilities and great strategies. You are provided with swarms of ships, so start sending them out from this planet to another one for capturing the whole cosmos. You should fully concentrate on larger planets as they produce ships much faster, giving you the advantage to outplay the opponents. When you are under attack, quickly use your ships then dispatch them into the fight so they can help you finish off the rivals. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself! If you take massive damage, the game will be over soon. The key to win is the middle of the map! Go there to fight and have some fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse to choose the planets. Use arrow keys or WASD for moving around, and use the spacebar to jump to your home planet.

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