Flap Royale unblocked is a funnier yet tougher multiplayer version of Flappy Bird. Are you ready to flap your wings to race against enemies in a challenging race? All of you are well dressed as birds flying out an airplane and entering a world full of pipes. You have to keep your wings flapped to get through all the pipes that come in your way. As you fly through, your score will be increased on the leaderboard. But if you touch one pipe or fly down to the ground, it will be a game over for you immediately. Be careful with other birds as they can have chances to surpass you. Don’t let them do that, otherwise, it will be hard to win. You must keep your bird on the track for as long as possible and survive all the obstacles until you get to the first place on the leaderboard to become the best bird. Have fun with Flap Royale game!

How to play

Use the spacebar or the mouse to flap your wings.

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