Ev io unblocked is a multiplayer shooting game where you can join eye-catching matches in a modern setting. Choose your gun and finish opponents with neat shots.

If you are a fan of the shooter series, you definitely cannot miss the Ev io game. This is a fascinating experience like never before, possessing a modern graphic style and diverse online competitive gameplay. So, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in individual or team gun battles to score achievements on the global leaderboard. But you have many choices when you play Ev.io free online, in terms of weapons, modes, maps and more. There are different types of guns to try, including sniper rifles, flamethrowers, ranged guns… Each gun shows different advantages and disadvantages, suitable for use in different situations.

You have many unique moves in this multiplayer shooter game, including jumping, left, right, forward and backward … Besides, you also have the ability to use guns, scopes … to fight enemies directly line. But the most important thing is your strategy, it shows in how you attack, defend and move on the map. So, do you have your strategy to conquer multiplayer io games?

How to play

  • Click WASD to move, click “Space” to jump, right click to aim and left click to shoot.
  • Click the G key if you want to throw a grenade and press the 1234 keys to switch between weapons
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