You become a little duck in a fun io game called Ducklings unblocked! Are you up for another adventure where you can meet new opponents in the shape of ducks? Duckings free online is pretty much the same as when it is also about growing your swarm of ducks, but it can be a little different in terms of gameplay. As a duck that is able to swim around the water, you are here to save a lot of duckings that are dispersed on the map. Be careful with other impediments, like dangerous boats and even enemy ducks who are doing the same mission as you. Once you have collected a big swarm of ducks, you must take them back to the nest in the pond safe while trying to stop other enemies from taking them. You can use your strategies to outwit them for a chance of winning! Once you have reached the top 1 on the leaderboard, you will become the best ducking on the server. Play Ducklings free now!

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys or the joypad to navigate your duck around the map.

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