is a new drawing in the io games series. If you want to play as both artist and guesser, then unblocked should be your pick. You can play it in your browser free anytime you want. The game drops you into a random room where you meet a lot of friends from around the world. You will take a turn to draw stuff in relation to a given word. Try to draw carefully without sending too many hints so other players can guess it. When you are a guesser, the mission for you is to guess what your friend is drawing. You must focus on the game, think carefully then be the first one sending the right answer to earn a high score. You will go through a lot of rounds, in each round, try your hardest to accumulate more points. The winner will be the one with the best score at the end of the game.

How to play

Use the mouse to draw and you use the keyboard to type your guesses.

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