DinoRoyale.io unblocked is a cute yet challenging dinosaur game online with a multiplayer element and battle royale concept. In DinoRoyale.io free online, everybody will control their own dinosaur around an infinite map packed with fruits. Since your dinosaur is very small when you spawn, you must build up its size by eating as many fruits as possible. On your way hunting for foods, it is unavoidable to come across enemies. When you meet them, if you are bigger than them, quickly devour them to grow your size even more. Conversely, you have to run away from them if you are still smaller, otherwise, you will get eaten. Basically, the gameplay is pretty similar to Agar.io! Big dinosaurs will absorb small dinosaurs for natural survival. You have to stay alive for a long enough time until you can get to the top to become the King of all dinosaurs! Much fun with it!

How to play

Control your dinosaur’s movement around the map using the mouse.

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