In, you become a cunning and aggressive dinosaur attempting to kill a lot of enemy dinosaurs wandering around a huge arena. To conquer this Upgrades IO game, you must prepare some strategies in advance and use them to outplay your opponents. You start wandering around the map to hunt down other players then quickly rush at them to wipe them out before you get eliminated. There are many eggs scattered from the ground, collect them all to level up as well as to buy more upgrades. features three kinds of upgrades you can upgrade to your character: size, spin rate and sprint time. Once you have upgraded, your dinosaur will become much stronger. You can become a fake tree to scare the opponents or hide under real trees when you cannot handle the enemy attacks. Make sure every action you do will be strategic so you can get closer to victory. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to walk, click the right mouse to sprint, become a fake tree by pressing spacebar.

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