Dinogen.io lets the player start as a human character or a dinosaur if they join game modes that base on the objective. Enter your favorite room to show your talent!

Dinogen Online is a 2D multiplayer game with many interesting points

In other words, they are features that you can experience when you play Dinogen Online for free. First of all, there are many game modes to select from. And, each of them will ask you to complete unique missions. So, they comprise Team Deathmatch, Destruction, or Capture the Flag.

Not only that, you can deal with lots of special rivals such as dinosaurs, militia forces, etc. Especially, you’re able to build your own playfields. In fact, you can generate a map by using the Scenario Editor. Moreover, scenarios are free for everybody to discover.

Dinogen Online multiplayer game will take you to a fun and crazy match

Actually, you should control your 2D multiplayer game well so you can gain XP. In addition to that, you can unlock better weapons, own more dinosaurs, and so on. Further, you’re capable of taking part in survival modes with countless waves.

In general, Dinogen Online unblocked is a game in which you can access available maps or create a map to connect with your friends. Now, you can explore the adventure and win the top position!

How to play

  • WASD keys to wander
  • R to reload your tool
  • E to gather in-game objects
  • Shift to run
  • G to throw explosives
  • Spacebar to launch your melee attacks
  • T to choose the weapon’s accessory or cycle the vehicle equipment
  • Z to release the support tool
  • F to utilize your weapons
  • Q to change your valid weapon
  • C to check out the commands menu
  • 1-3 to pick inventory items
  • X to opt for the next support object
  • Enter to chat with someone
  • Tab to view your score.
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