Dattank game revolves around an epic tank battle between four colored teams. When you join Dattank free, you will become a member of a colored team and your mission is to slay all enemy tanks to grow your score for a chance of becoming a leader. You take control of your tank around the map trying to kill all enemies that get in your way. You start with 100 HP and full tank ammo capacity, but they will reduce as you play, so you should pick up health packs and ammo packs on the ground to recover your health if you take some damage after a fight and you can get ready for the next encounter. Your teammates are around you, so make sure you work with them to defeat the enemy tanks more easily. Teamwork is key to your success! Without it, it will be hard for you to conquer the fight. You aim to get to the top rank on the leaderboard and lead your team to victory in Dattank unblocked! Play and have fun with it!

How to play

Direct your tank using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot enemies using the spacebar or mouse.

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