The game brings an interesting race between you and plenty of other competitors from around the world. It’s important to head to the green area quickly. game is a competitive race where you can play solo or team up with others

You will engage in a fun race with multiple online opponents worldwide. In the first challenge, you will take control of a cursor. And, you should find out the exit before your challengers.

In 2 unblocked, you will move by yourself. However, you can cooperate with somebody or many more to solve difficulties together. So, you can work with random characters if you want.

Enjoy and conquer a tough competition

Each maze will introduce to you a unique goal. Not only that, the difficulty level will not be as same as the one of the initial stage. Therefore, you should look around the map before you begin your adventure.

Play free online and be a part of one of the most addictive io games unblocked. Can you go to the green zone and beat every level fast?

How to play

Move the cursor throughout the maze by moving your mouse.

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