Cursor Knights unblocked is an RPG multiplayer io game centering on an epic battle. You take on the role of a hostile knight in this title and you are tasked with killing all monsters wandering around the map using a cursor. This is your main weapon in the game, so try to use it wisely for better results. If any monsters stand in your way, quickly kill them before they have a chance to attack you. The map is full of areas, each of them has its own enemy to conquer. Do your best to finish them off as you move through those areas. If you collect more kills, you will earn XP and gold. Then, you can use the XP to reach more areas as well as use the gold to buy brand new cursors in the shop. Be careful with your surroundings as you explore the map and always have some strategies ready to cope with situations. You aim to become the strongest knight on the leaderboard. Much fun with Cursor Knights game!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, move your cursor using the mouse. Left click to drink potions or purchase items, use E to interact and use Enter to chat.

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