platformer survival is a good io game that lets you freely explore the world and build whatever you have been dreaming. For the fans of building and survival games, especially Minecraft, unblocked should be their hot pick. Have your skills ready for this adventure game then see what you can create. You don’t only build your dreamed constructions, like a castle for instance, but you also have to survive in a randomly generated world full of mobs and enemies. The enemies have the same objective which is to build and conquer this map, while the mobs are ready to kill you. To survive their attacks, you must equip yourself with good equipment, like weapons, gadgets, tools, etc. As you make your way through this world, try to pick up some resources then use them to craft the most powerful items for yourself. After that, you can make use of them to fight off all mobs or even kill your enemies on the ranking. Those items are also great for your survival in this wild world, so never underestimate them! As you rocket your kill count, your rank will get higher! There will be several times you feel hungry and get damaged from the fights. Don’t worry! You can collect food as well as heal yourself through over. Will you build your dominance in this wild world? Join game now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD and use number keys from 1-9 to choose from the inventory. You can give items to other players by dragging and dropping items from your inventory.

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