Crowd City

Crowd City is a team-based free-for-all multiplayer game online taken in a big modern city. You control a group of people and let them move through this city to explore stuff. The main task here is to enlarge your group by adding more people or even stealing some from other groups controlled by your real human opponents. This mission may sound simple but very hard to master as you will come across many challenges on your way, especially the enemy groups that are way bigger than yours as well as some impediments standing in your path. Therefore, you must develop your strategies during the course of the game and use them to overcome all of those challenges. More importantly, you must defend your people from being stolen by other groups, or you won’t have a chance to win. Once you have created the largest group of people in the city, you will become the winner!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your group in the game.

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