Crazy pits you against other people worldwide in an epic jumping battle where everybody has to vie for their ultimate survival and victory. You navigate your way through a map in an attempt to knock all enemies out of the playing area as fast as possible. Every action must be done in a fast and careful way because you never know when you get ambushed by someone. It’s better to defend yourself all the time for a high chance of winning. As you make progress on knocking enemies, your character will be larger in size, giving you more powers to take on tougher enemies. Don’t even forget to develop your own smart strategies to get an upper hand on other players. Crazy features a wide range of nice characters to pick from. You must try your hardest to unlock all of them and come out as the ultimate victor! Be ready for this challenge! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your character and click the left mouse to jump.

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