game is set in a huge universe where players have to direct the movement of their galaxies to fight one another for dominance. You must get ready for this cosmic adventure full of challenges. You will enter the void and become the void! Start to devour all asteroids with smaller planetary bodies to increase your mass. As your mass is built up, you will find your galaxy much stronger than ever. You should notice the discrepancy in the effect of each fragment of cosmic debris or celestial body you devour. The asteroid’s effects are not the same as the star’s. Make sure you will not let bigger galaxies eat you up, otherwise, the game will be over. Always stay on the lookout as you explore the universe and have your strategies ready to deal with dangers around you. Are you ready for it? Play unblocked to express your skills now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your galaxy. Press the spacebar to speed it up.

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