free online is a 2D shooter io game set in the style of Minecraft and Fortnite. Hop into the new multiplayer adventure and craft everything as your preference. Besides, you should remember that it is also about a dangerous competition. In which, you will have to defend from a lot of aggressive players. You are forced to survive until you occupy the top spot.

It’s essential for you to find out the best strategy when you play unblocked! You can choose to reach the high ground or hide into the place. If you select the first method, you can mine trees, collect wood, and build stairs. Besides, there are many tools to dig. You’d better keep your character safe as long as possible. It’s feasible to throw TNT when you plan to demolish something in the surroundings! Do not forget to eliminate the foes before they kill you! Do not skip the Battle Royale mode if you miss titles alike with PUBG!

How to play

Use WASD to walk, Space to jump, LMB to shoot, RMB to investigate, Tab to check inventory, 1-5 to choose tools

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