is a free strategy game in Battle Royale style. Play in turns against multiple rivals all over the world online and defeat them to climb up to the highest position of the ranking. Aside from roaming around the map, you are able to build, place dynamite, split the team of your own without difficulty. However, you should arrange activities in the right way. In other words, it’s recommended to perform your action strategically because you are joining an active community including skilled characters. an RPG unblocked will provide several different modes to choose from at the start. Jump into the arena without download or account registration. So as to achieve the goal, you have to capture the opposing commanders as soon as possible, especially before they do the same for you. If you are successful, your realm will be expanded. Remember to prevent the foes from attacking and ruining your territory! Do not let anybody sneak nearby and surprise you!


How to play

Choose a tile with your mouse button, move around the map with WASD keys
Press 1 to build, 2 to drop bombs, Q to remove moves, E to cancel the last move, Shift to split the army, “?” to check controls

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