Play a free online multiplayer classic iO game with a creature that is always hungry. It is one of the chompers in the new match. If you want to conquer the top spot, you need to defeat every opponent by becoming the biggest monster.

It’s essential for all players in including you, the beast, to eat! It’s easy to collect food. The treats are scattered across the playfield unblocked and you can see them on the path. Aside from eating, you are recommended to destroy bugs. Within, it’s interesting to fight and compete with real rivals! There are many different weapons to choose from, for example, royal scepter, ent’s branch, etc. In addition to these tools, you can deploy skills to achieve the goal you expect. Speeding up is important to flee stronger enemies. Each effort in the current title is similar to Black Hole. They will help you survive longer and grow bigger.

How to play

Choose the mouse cursor to move your chomper, Left mouse to hit, Right mouse to boost speed

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