Do you think you can go along with a castle into a big fight in unblocked? This is an action-packed fighting game where you have to control the movement of your castle throughout the clouds to fight against lots of enemies, dragons, drakes, etc. This is not an easy battle at all, so you have to be well prepared if you want to win. Make sure you move the castle and kill others at the same time, or you can play peacefully and gather mana orbs to get more XP. Keep advancing your levels through over time and after reaching Level 145, you are unable to keep your castle upgraded anymore. You should move and shoot because this is a nice tactic you can use to chase people as your arrows go further. Try to stop them from shooting you back! If you take damage, it will be hard to survive, and the game will be over. Play game with smart strategies, survive as well as rule the arena! Much fun!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to control your floating castle, click the left mouse to charge up your attack, use the right mouse to run away from danger.

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