Call of War: World War 2 is a multiplayer strategy io game where you play against many different commanders online. Your mission is to defend your country from every danger coming from the opposing side. Additionally, you will be required to finish other objectives such as boosting the economy. Firstly, pick out the Axis or the Allied powers to start. Remember to place the infantry, deploy onslaughts within Call of War: World War 2 unblocked, use tanks, armor, and perform everything carefully! Aside from sending forces, you should invest in the navy with the air troops. Try to earn enough money to buy upgrades in Call of War: World War 2 free and survive! Further, you are able to forge alliances to build up a financial system of your own. In any phase, don’t forget to manage resources and achievements! Moreover, you can research secret weapons when you progress. Enter the battleground and dig deeper into your job right now!

How to play

Use the mouse button to control the army

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