It’s time to start a bee life in a fun io game called Buzzy Bees. You are about to compete against other bees controlled by players from around the world in a competition of collecting pollen to make hives. As a bee, you can freely venture out into the arena to gather as much pollen as possible. With a good amount of pollen, you can make honey and create a cool hive for yourself. The more honey you have, the bigger the hive will become. To gather pollen, you need to touch a flower carefully and you should do this quickly because other bees are doing the same and they want to touch more flowers, so you have to be faster than them. You will return pollen by touching your hive. Watch out for the dead hives and bodies spawning randomly in the arena. Make sure you upgrade your health and pollen even when you meet your end. Don’t forget to use your smart strategies to get an upper hand on your rivals. Play Buzzy Bees unblocked for free now! Much fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to use items or shoot enemies. Press B for the shop and T for teams.

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