BulletLeague.io game is a popular 2D shooter title which is available for you to play without charge. It is an arena where skilled players will gather and check the shooting ability of each other. It is best to prepare for dodging and attacking because you are being surrounded by tons of online enemies throughout the world. BulletLeague.io is also known as a Battle Royal match when you and everybody is forced to fight until searching for the last standing man. Obviously, it is not easy due to it is an endless challenge. Once you accept to jump into the playfield, you cannot skip basic rules that will save your life and boost up your ranks. BulletLeague.io offers a cool building system which allows every participant to craft weapons and upgrades. They will bring back an amazing edge over the rest and you can dominate the top spot sooner. Much fun!

How to play

Use A, D or Right, Left to move, Space to jump, 1-5 to choose weapons

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