Shoot all of your enemies in Bullet Town unblocked for a chance of becoming the Mayor of the town. This is your chance to prove your excellent shooting ability. Bullet Town free is a famous 2D shooter io game set in a city where players must kill one another using their guns and collect money. You make your way through this city carefully trying to fight off all enemies and the citizens. You are carrying a money bag on the whole way to your vault. This means you have to protect that money bag all the time and avoid the onslaught of bullets from other players. To power up yourself, you can collect new weapons and items on the ground. Then, make use of those collected weapons to inflict more damage on enemies. You should try finding a bazooka that helps deal splash damage. Keep an eye on your money! If you are the first one collecting $3000, you will be the Mayor of the town. Come play Bullet Town for free and blast your way to the top! Have fun!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, use the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse or E to collect an item and use R to reload your weapons.

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