is an awesome free-for-all classic iO game set in Medieval. It is a simple but addicting one button Battle Royale match in which the last standing man will be the winner. You will play with a Lord or a Lady and you can check out or prove your skills without paying a penny. In order to achieve the goal mentioned above, you need to destroy the opponent before they do the same for you.

It is really essential for you and every player in online to aim. It is a good step to collect the highest score. It means that you will win faster than expected. If you are successful in completing the combat unblocked, you will have the chance to earn many valuable rewards. Besides, you will obtain gold crowns together with a better amount of XP. With levels that you conquer, you can unlock and buy upgrades for your archer. They will include stronger weapons and more. Have fun!

How to play

Hold down the Space bar to aim, release it to shoot

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