Step into the Boss Fights! and fight your way to the final victory now! You will want to say yes to this Upgrades IO game right away as it offers you awesome features and awesome challenges to conquer. In this title, you will engage in a brutal against lots of enemies that come in waves. Each of them has its own particular playing style. Your mission here is to vanquish all of them so you can move to the next waves of enemies that are much stronger and tougher than the former ones. However, if you succeed in defeating these challenging waves, you can add more points to your final score. You should make the most out of all weapons you have or even craft more some of them then use them to outplay your enemies. Defend yourself during the course of the battle! If you soak damage from others, it will be the doom for you instantly. Try to survive till the end of the fight to become the winner!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, press key G to drop an item, key T to collect an item, key B to buy an item, key P to craft items, key L to level up the items, and key K to suicide.

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