In an incredible io game called, you play as a magical fox wandering its way through the magical forest of Yumendaza to compete against lots of enemy foxes controlled by other players from around the world. You are fighting for the forest domination and the ultimate survival. All of the foxes will be thrown into this forest and there is only one big goal for them: kill or be killed. You must chow down a lot of cherries to increase your size. As you eat them, you should avoid anyone that is bigger than you and brutally devour anyone that is smaller than you. When you come across the bigger enemies, you can use the holes to escape away from them. These holes will take you to a new area on the map, so use it smartly to get out of a sticky situation. Can you rule the leaderboard and become the biggest fox in the forest in free game? Play it now! Have fun with it!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your character through the forest. Try to eat cherries to grow bigger, eat smaller enemies, and avoid getting eaten by the bigger ones.

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