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Present your best shooting skill in a top-down free-for-all shooter game called Battleroyale.io! With the Battle Royale element, surely this game is much challenging to conquer. It is taken in deep outer space featuring many mysterious places where you can use to get the jump on other enemies. You can totally choose the start location on the map then find the best place for you, after that, you can jump directly into the fight. You have to use the pistol to shoot down everyone standing in your way, at the same time, you have to go gather better weapons with handier equipment to power up yourself. Feel free to change the weapons to suit your play style and you will find it much easier to cope with the rivals. Like other Battle Royale games, this goal of this game title is to become the final player standing. Prepare yourself then jump into the action right now! Have fun!

How to play

Move your shooter using WASD. Shoot with the mouse, and change the weapons by pressing the number keys.

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