unblocked will help players explore the war between hostile forces. You will choose a character and cooperate with other players to defeat the enemy.

If you have enjoyed some io games before then you will surely recognize the similarities to this game. Play online, you will start the battle immediately and fight unlimited on a large map. So, the terrain on the map can be completely destroyed so you will face other opponents.

This game allows players to choose from more than 20 different weapons along with super driving ability from the main character. Therefore, you will have a lot of ways to defeat the enemy in fierce gunfights. Thereby, help your character level up and receive unique power perks. Unlike some shooter games, also integrates a visual chat system. This means that you can completely talk to your team to come up with appropriate battle plans. Everyone starts from the same starting line, so the best player will become the last survivor in the game.

How to play

Use the WASD button to move, left mouse button to shoot, R to reload, and E to get inside the car

Switch weapons with the 1-4 number keys or customize the controls in the settings

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