Basketball Game (

Basketball Game ( is one of the top multiplayer sports game. It’s not only free to play online but also available to choose the mode you want to begin. It is about an exhilarating match in which the winner will have to act up swiftly and accurately.

Come to Basketball Game ( you are able to practice your skills or check out your capability alone or compete against strangers. Before you launch any competition, you should not forget to take a look at the tutorial. It will point out tricks and tips to finish your challenge in the shortest time. One of them is how to perform a super shot to end up the round immediately. However, in Basketball Game (, you must keep the ball and block the opponent from stealing it or he will have the chance to defeat you. Aside from that, remember to deploy your abilities properly! Seize every opportunity to attack and score first if you’d like to dominate the championship! Are you ready to take part in and conquer the tournament? Good luck!

How to play

Use A, D/ Right, Left to move, W/ Up to jump
Hold down A, D to boost speed, Z
to super shot, X to steal the ball

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