is a classic MMO free-for-all io game where it is easy to find and collect special power-ups. Start off with a little shark and you should not let any bigger animals swallow you! Try your best to avoid predators and eat! The food that you consume in unblocked will help you grow larger. It is also simple to use boosting speed to initiate a deadly attack or escape! Aside from the colored dots that you can devour, please do not skip smaller fishes! They will provide a greater resource to increase your mass significantly.

Play online you always must keep your creature safe and enlarge. However, your size will be reduced immediately once you accelerate. Don’t worry! You can recharge it by eating. Remember to control your movement pace because you can break into pieces when you crash into the edge of the arena set in the ocean! Take advantage of the dangerous spot to trap somebody! Good luck!

How to play

Move the mouse cursor to control your baby shark, hold Left Mouse Button or Spacebar to dash

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