Asteroid Anarchy is a typical 2D shooter io game set in the outer space theme. Take part in a fun online multiplayer Battle Royale style match and fight against a lot of enemies for free! The combat will happen in a field full of rotating rocks. Your job is to collect crystals with ores. They are useful to upgrade your spaceship.

While searching for resources inside Asteroid Anarchy unblocked, you can attack bots and weaker human opponents. It is a competitive adventure and it occurs fast. Therefore, you should play your journey smartly. When you dodge shots or hits and survive, you will have more chances to exploit materials. Remember that it is not easy to control the ship and you can crash into asteroids at any time! Asteroid Anarchy is also available for mobile users to download and install. The rankings will show a list of every current character sorted by the number of minerals that they have gained. It’s feasible to hunt the leader to loot their gems after eliminating them! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move and steer, F /Spacebar to fire

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