is a free 2D multiplayer survival game like PUBG or Apex Legends with some unique features. It is a Battle Royale style match where you play online against a lot of enemies throughout the real world. The main aim is to become the last standing man. Are you ready to start? Firstly, you should pick out the character whose stats fit your style. Next, you can hop into the arena directly and test your abilities. Fight and always avoid dangerous situations within unblocked to survive! It is simple to run away or chase someone. Additionally, you are advised to shoot down weaker opponents to increase your points. Aside from the gun, you will have the chance to experience other special moves. Don’t skip power-ups scattered across the playfield! Loot them to obtain exciting effects! They are contained in crates. Let’s launch combat and conquer the top spot now!

How to play

Hit WASD to move, Left Mouse to shoot, Shift to dash, 1-3 to choose abilities, Right Mouse to drop them

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