Archnemesis unblocked is an action-packed shooter fast-paced io game in browsers. You become a fighter armed with a bow and arrow taking on a big mission: killing all other enemies within the game lobby. Prepare your skills in advance then jump into the fray now. You must make your way through the map trying to slay any rivals that stand in your way. Pick up power-ups available throughout the map to strengthen yourself. Watch out for the enemy shots and give them no chances to attack you. Each enemy you kill is worth a point, so try to kill as many enemies as possible for a high score. The one with the most points at the end of the battle will become the winner. Are you ready to present your skills in Archnemesis io? Start the game now then see if you can win! Hopefully, you will have a blast with it!

How to play

Move around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Press E to collect or change power-ups, use the left mouse to fire, and click the right mouse to open the emoji menu.

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