Step into a world full of wicked snakes in a fantastic Style game called Angry Snakes! Before entering the arena, you can pick a wide range of colors, but your snake will have an angry face. You direct the snake around the map carefully to gather as many glowing dots as possible for increasing your size. As you progress, your size is much bigger, and then you can use your body to encircle other rival snakes, force them to run into you, or even bypass them by speeding up to cross their path. Quickly collect all the dots dropped by them to enlarge yourself even more. Don’t forget to defend the head or your angry snake because you will die if you crash into the body of an enemy, causing the game to be over. You must stay alive and climb your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard. Give it a shot now!

How to play

Use the mouse for moving the snake. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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