Angry Chickens

Angry Chickens is a Snake game taking inspiration from the smash-hit Instead of directing a snake, now you control a cute chicken and make your way through the big map to pick up as many fried eggs as possible for a bigger size. You should eat up a lot of eggs to get larger and then use your long body to surround other enemy chickens. Like other Snake games, in this one, the way of killing the rivals is the same! You will use the big body to trap the enemies and force them to crash into you. Or, you can speed up to bypass them and block their pathways. In addition, you can even set some deadly traps for them. Just ensure that you always protect your chicken from the enemy attacks, or you will meet your end easily. Keep growing up until you become the largest chicken ruling the whole arena. Good luck!

How to play

Control your chicken using the mouse.

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