Based on the Age of Empire games, allyourbasearebelongtous free online is another web-browser multiplayer game allowing online players to fight against each other for territory. You can join this io game right now and show off your skills. As a member of either the red team or the blue team, you must work with your comrades to kill the rival team. Make your way through the map using the farm with some barracks to dish out damage to any enemies standing in your way. You can even dash towards their base, build more farms to improve the army, and focus on their base! Once the enemy’s base is gone, you can easily take over all of their buildings. Be careful because the rival team can do exactly the same to you. Hence, you and your teammates need to have good strategies to defend your base at all costs. The game will reset if one team wins. Good luck to you!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, press key C to open the commands menu, key B to open the shop, key Y to delete your structures, key O to open the gates, and key R to toggle the unit production.

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