3D Aim Trainer Idle online is a cool shooter where you need to must attack the target if you want to improve your earnings. Upgrades will help you win stages easier!

Aim Trainer Idle unblocked is a fun idle game with various weapons

There are plenty of levels in Aim Trainer Idle unblocked and you will have to complete all of them to collect weapons. The shotgun is the first gun that you receive to finish the training stage.

After training your abilities, you are able to step into another level. Aside from that, it’s feasible for you to earn much more money and points. So, you’d better fulfill your task as fast as possible.

3D Aim Trainer Idle online is a playfield to check your shooting skill only

In fact, you will have no enemies when you play Aim Trainer Idle free online. Therefore, you should focus on the target and shoot it in an accurate way so you will get more income and level up faster.

Aim Trainer Idle will give you the maximum point and open up every weapon if you end your challenge quickly. Let’s start and show how you obtain money now!

How to play

  • Left Mouse to control UI and shoot the target
  • Right Mouse to aim before shooting at the target
  • Q to select an option.
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