Adversator is a team-based strategy game. Play against multiple online enemies and monsters. The main aim that you need to accomplish during the next match is to destroy the adversary’s building. If you are successful, you will become the winner. It is essential to eliminate as many foes as possible and survive until you complete that goal. Aside from traveling throughout the new map alone, you are able to go with some friends. Actually, you should create a party within Adversator to dominate the top spot sooner. Besides, do not forget that you can choose a class before you begin. There are three character types comprising Strength, Intelligence and Agility. They will offer unique abilities. You can take a look at the list to pick out the hero you like most, who is suitable for your fighting style. Keep in mind their rules to know how to attack or evade properly!

How to play

Hit Right mouse to move your player, AZERTY or QWERTY to experience items, Arrows to control the camera, C to lock it, Space to focus that device

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