Like other zombie io games, unblocked pits you against waves of zombies through many rounds. You must prepare your defensive strategies in advance to stop all zombies from killing you. The whole game starts from a small wooden house where zombie waves have started. You are provided with a glock, a baseball bat, and some guns to cope with these enemies. You must choose one of them to deal damage, but you are recommended to go with either the glock or the baseball bat while the guns should be saved for high-HP zombies. No matter what weapon you use, make sure you kill all zombies before they destroy you. The more kills you commit, the higher the points you will earn. Then, you can use them to get new weapons with more upgrades to better yourself. The big challenge here is that if you can get through all waves. Good luck with!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for controlling the movement of your unit. Interact with items using the left mouse, buy weapons and upgrades using B, hide your name using N, and play the background music using M.

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