Shell Shockers Game Game Play

Any fans of the first person online shooter games out there? You have come to the right place since (Shell Shockers) will be an entertaining and addictive browser-based shooter game that you have been looking for. Similar to various .iO games that were already released, you will confront with a lot of online opponents from around the world in this shooter game. So, take this chance to prove your abilities! – Play Shell Shockers Game Online

Challenge your online opponents to a fierce battle in! You start as an egg killer moving around the map using a lot of weapons to aim and shoot down your rivals until they get completely cracked while trying to protect yourself from being cracked by them. Similar to other 2D Shooter games, in this one, you have to kill all enemies for a chance of dominating the whole arena. Make a good use of many weapons to crack a bunch of eggs, stay alive longer until you reach the top spot on the leaderboard.

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About Shell Shockers

Just like other first person shooter game online, In Shell Shockers, you will face off against so many skilled gunslingers in the same arena, and your job is to take them out. The most interesting point of the game will be the type of character. All players will become mighty killer eggs that are equipped with so many strong weapons. You are totally able to pick your favorite egg type, including Soldier, Scrambler, or Free Ranger. All of their stats, like damage, accuracy, fire rate and range are completely different. Besides choosing the character, you can pick a server and make a decision on which game mode you want to engage in, like Solo, FFA or Teams. Also, don’t forget to give your chosen character a cute nickname!

When you spawn into the arena, you need to take control of your egg carefully and roam around the map to hunt for the opponents. As soon as you catch sight of them, make sure you wield your powerful weapons to shoot them down before they get a chance to wipe you out. When they die, they will be cracked, and this is how to finish an egg! The defeated opponents will give you a lot of supplies, or you can collect them from the ground. If you keep using a limited given supply, your weapon won’t be able to last longer, so you must refill them through over time. Another crucial thing you have to keep in mind is that if your health is running low, make an effort to get away from the combat and then get to a quiet corner of the arena where you can feel safe a bit, which allows your health to revive gradually. You must protect yourself throughout the battle because the enemies are always able to eliminate you, especially when they catch you off guard, which brings them a good chance to ambush you.

Since Shell Shockers game brings the slashing combat to all players, there shouldn’t be any benevolence here. Nobody likes to be taken out, and there are no friends here unless you choose to play with your team. If you are a solitary killer egg, your only goal is to get rid of all opponents for a chance of winning. This free-for-all shooter game features a leaderboard too which displays the rankings of the current players in the combat. You must make an endeavor to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard, stay there as long as possible so you can build your ultimate dominance. Try your hardest to become the best egg on the field!

In-game features

  • You will become an egg killer player instead of a normal shooter like other previous shooter games.
  • Feel free to pick your favorite egg killers with different stats.
  • Some unique weapons for you to pick, such as a scramble, a shotgun or an EggK47.
  • You can play as a solo egg killer, or join FFA mode or Teams mode to play with other friends.
  • The controls are so simple and easy to master.

How to play Shell Shockers

The controls in Shell Shockers game are not hard to follow! You just simply use a mouse and some keys on the keyboard to interact with your egg killer:

  • For the movements around the map, you can use WASD keys or the mouse, or IJKL keys.
  • If you want to shoot at the enemies, just click left mouse button to do so, and use key R or Y to reload your gun.
  • Changing the weapons is really cool, and to do this, you need to press key E or U.
  • When you want to throw a grenade, just use key Q to do so.
  • To take a leap, you just simply press spacebar.

Note: You can totally configure all controls in the Settings menu!